PR and marketing agencies face challenges that require a little bit of extra help or perspective to solve.

Sometimes it is simply because the agency leaders are too close to the problem and need a fresh set of eyes.

Other times it may be a challenge that the leadership has never had to face before and could use some input from someone who has.

Agency Leadership Advisors provides per-project troubleshooting services to lend the wisdom of success and the lessons of failure — as well as an independent point of view.

  • Accelerating Growth
  • Restructuring
  • Partnership Mediation
  • HR Challenges
  • Cost Controls
  • M&A Evaluation
  • Workflow & Processes
  • Succession Planning

Choose the solution that's right for you

Phone Consultation


Sometimes you just have a challenge you want to quickly review with an independent expert.

Chip will get on the phone with you to talk about whatever is on your mind. If you have some brief background materials, you can even send that over in advance.

The phone consultation takes about 1 hour.

Virtual Work Session


When you want to go deeper on a single topic, a video conference with you and/or your team can be just the ticket to solving the problem.

Chip will start with a brief agenda-setting call, then you will share background materials.

The Virtual Work Session lasts about 2 hours.

On-Site Intensive


Technology provides many benefits, but there’s still nothing quite like meeting face-to-face.

Bring Chip on-site for a day to meet with you and and your team and review the topics and issues that matter most to you.

In addition to a full day at your office or other site of your choosing, Chip can often arrange to have dinner the night before or the night of the visit.

* Fee shown is per day. Travel expenses will be billed back at actual cost.

The Agency Biz

The Agency Biz provides news and insights for PR, public affairs & marketing agencies. It is produced by Agency Leadership Advisors to help the agency community build better businesses.


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